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General front view of exhibition

View of Triple Crown Special Gold Jawa Bike in foreground, Whinged Wheel in background,and suspended the World long track record holding bike and the 1976 World Long Track Championship winning Jawa DOHC bike.


Left profile of the World Long track record holding bike.HZ Godden engine in Hagon Frame


Right profile of World Long track record holding bike. HZ Godden Engine in Hagon Frame

The triple crown special gold plated Jawa bike


The triple crown special gold Jawa bike - left profile.

Close up of triple crown special Gold Jawa bike showing Plated by Ray Bokelman and rebuilt by George Wenn.


More close up.


Ivans 9 Individual World Championship winning race jackets.1968-1969-1970-1972-1977-1979 World Speedway Championships and 1971-1972-1976 World Long Track Championships.

�The Exhibitions Team had a great time designing and planning Speedway King: The Ivan Mauger Story. We were well aware of Ivan�s status as a speedway legend here in Christchurch, but were amazed by the number of international visitors, from as far away as Finland and the Czech REpublic, who recognised the name and were excited by the exhibition.�

Stephen Ruscoe,
Exhibitions Manager

�Speedway King: The Ivan Mauger Story not only showcases some fantastic memorabilia from Ivan�s career, but gives people an opportunity to learn about the amazing achievements and stories behind these objects.�

Lesley Colsell, General Manager Museum Programmes

�It really is a great honour to be able to celebrate and display the achievements of one of the greatest speedway riders of all time. The fact that Ivan grew up in Christchurch and has given us the chance to tell his story here at Canterbury Museum makes it all the more relevant and special for our local visitors.�

Anthony Wright,

click here for Ivan and Ronnie Moore's family pictures.