National Golden Helmet - Gold Coast, Qld - 3 Nov. 2007

Former Queensland Champion Scott Smith added his name to the illustrious list of previous winners as he rode to a polished victory to claim the Golden Helmet for 2007. Smith, having his first ride in eight months, was the only home state rider to reach the final of this national event, where he came up against Ty Proctor (Vic), James Holder (NSW) and Ty Platt (NSW). Smith led the final all the way, with Proctor rounding up Platt and Holder in the first turn. Holder took Platt on the second lap, then closed the gap on Proctor as Smith drew further ahead.

Holder and Sam Taylor bumped together in the first semi-final, with Taylor coming to grief against the fence. The referee ruled it a "racing incident" with no-one to blame, and ordered a complete restart. However Taylor had a knee wound which required attention and he withdrew. Proctor won the rerun from Holder, with impressive Sam Masters third.

Smith nailed the second semi-final after an early tussle with Platt. Potential-packed Mitchell Davey, who was equal top scorer with Proctor in the heats, crossed for third, with Alan Rivett fourth.

The programme featured plenty of very fast, close racing on a somewhat slick track. The highlight race of the night was the close-quarter duel between Smith and Proctor in Heat 10, with the two passing and repassing each other and Proctor taking the win.  Smith opened his account with a win over Holder, but the tables were turned when they met again in Round 2. Holder also pushed Masters and Rivett to very close finishes. 

Golden Helmet Points: Ty Proctor (Vic) 11, Mitchell Davey (Qld) 11, Sam Masters (NSW) 10, Scott Smith (Qld) 10, James Holder (NSW) 8, Alan Rivett (Qld) 7, Sam Taylor (Qld) 5, Ty Platt (NSW) 4, Elliott Myers (NSW) 2, Anthony Perks (NSW) 2, Ashley Cathcart (Qld) 1, Nathan Apps (Qld) 1.

1st Semi-final: 1. Ty Proctor, 2. James Holder, 3. Sam Masters, 4. Sam Taylor (did not ride in rerun)

2nd Semi-final: 1. Scott Smith, 2. Ty Platt, 3. Mitchell Davey, 4. Alan Rivett.

Golden Helmet Final: 1. Scott Smith, 2 Ty Proctor, 3. James Holder, 4. Ty Platt


Left to right - James Holder NSW 3rd - Scott Smith QLD 2007 winner - Ty Platt NSW 4th - Ty Proctor VIC 2nd
and Ivan Mauger.

Ivan said that he had decided not to have an International Golden Helmet Series in 2007 but as the first Saturday in November has been traditionally the openings date for the series, he agreed with the Club to have a one off meeting this year with domestic riders only.  Possibly the International Golden Helmet Event will continue in 2008.